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Owner's Manual

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Description of SONY SRF-HM01V Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)
POWER ON/OFF Hang the hooks on your ears. Hook (L, R) Battery compartment lid


Press BAND to select the band.
Each press changes the band as follows:

Note If you do not press TUNE + or –, or ENTER within one minute, the preset tuning mode will be canceled.

Neckband Neckband

Press TUNE + or – to select the desired frequency.
If you hold down TUNE + or –, the frequency or channel changes rapidly. When the frequency matches the broadcast frequency, the broadcast will be received.

Tuning in to a Preset Station 1 Set POWER to ON to turn on the power. 2 Press MODE so that “PRESET” and preset number appear. 3 4 5
Select the band with BAND. Press TUNE + or – to select the desired preset number. Adjust the volume using VOL.
To turn off the radio, set POWER to OFF. Note If you hold down MODE for more than 2 seconds, the unit enters the preset station deleting mode. Press MODE again to return to the previous mode.


Adjust the volume using VOL.
To turn off the radio, set POWER to OFF.

L (Left)

Improving Radio Reception
TV/WEATHER/FM: Set TV/WB/FM SENS to LOCAL if interference is prevalent when radio wave intensity is dramatically stronger. Under normal conditions, set to DX. AM: Move around to obtain better reception.

Deleting a Preset Station 1 2 3 4
Follow steps 1 and 2 in “Tuning in to a Preset Station”. Select the band with BAND. Press TUNE + or – to select the preset number to be deleted. Hold down MODE for more than 2 seconds until “PRESET”, “dEL” and the preset number flash. preset number to be deleted

R (Right)
TUNE +*2/– VOL*

Obtaining Powerful Bass Sound
Press MEGA BASS/CLOCK. “MB” appears in the display.

Display Light reflector (R, L)
This reflector reflects car lights at night for your safety.
If the sound is distorted, or if you want to reduce the bass tone, press MEGA BASS/CLOCK again to turn off this function.


While the letters and the preset number are flashing, press ENTER.
The station set to the preset number just before the deleted station will be displayed. To delete other stations, repeat steps 2 to 5. If all the preset stations are deleted, “PRESET -” appears in the display.

*1 There is a tactile dot beside volume to show the direction to turn up the volume. *2 The TUNE + button has a tactile dot.

The MEGA BASS setting is not canceled even if the radio is turned off.



Presetting your Favorite

Stations Setting the Clock
The clock time display of this unit is a 12-hour system. When the battery is first installed, “AM 12:00” flashes in the display.

— Preset Tuning

Changing AM Channel Step
The AM channel step differs depending on areas. The channel step of this unit is factory-set to 10 kHz. Change the settings as shown below to be able to listen to the radio. Area North and South American countries Other countries Channel step 10 kHz 9 kHz

You can preset up to 5 stations each for TV, WEATHER and AM, and 15 stations for FM. Also, you can delete the preset station whether it is factory-set or preset by yourself.

To cancel deleting, press MODE while “PRESET”, “dEL” and the preset number are flashing.

Presetting a Station 1 Follow steps 1 to 5 in “Playing the Radio” and manually tune 2
in to the station you wish to preset. Hold down ENTER until the preset number flashes.
If there is a preset number that has no preset station, that preset number flashes. When all the preset numbers are set to certain stations (factory-set), “1” flashes and “PRESET” appears.

1 2

Set POWER to OFF to turn off the power. Hold down MEGA BASS/CLOCK for more than 2 seconds until “AM 12” starts flashing.

Note When the AM channel step is changed, only the preset stations on the AM band will be initialized.


Press TUNE + or – to adjust the hour, then press MEGA BASS/CLOCK.
If you hold down TUNE + or –, the digit changes rapidly. “AM 12:00 ”= midnight, “PM 12:00 ”= noon.

1 2

Set POWER to OFF to turn off the power. While holding down MODE, hold down TUNE + or – for more than 5 seconds.
The channel step will change and “9” kHz (or “10” kHz) will flash for 3 seconds in the display. If you proceed to step 2 again, the channel step changes again.


Press TUNE + or – to select the number you wish to preset, then press ENTER.
When you select the preset number using TUNE + or –, “PRESET” appears if that number has a preset station. If it has no preset station, only the number flashes and “PRESET” does not appear. When you press ENTER, the selected preset number lights up in the display. Example: Display window when you preset FM 90.0 MHz in preset number 2.

Playing the Radio
1 2 4
Repeat step 3 above to adjust the minute.
“:” starts flashing and the clock starts operating. To set the current time exactly to the second, adjust the minute and then press MEGA BASS/CLOCK to synchronize with a time signal (such as the telephone time signal). Note If you do not press TUNE + or –, or MEGA BASS/CLOCK within one minute, the clock setting mode will be canceled.

— Manual Tuning

Set POWER to ON to turn on the power. If “PRESET” is displayed, press MODE so that “PRESET” disappears.

Pressing MODE will switch over between manual tuning mode and preset tuning mode.

To preset another station, repeat these steps. To change the preset station, preset a new station. The previous station will be canceled.

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