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Service Manual

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  • Contains Circuit Diagrams
  • Download
  • PDF Format
  • Complete manual
  • Language: English
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Description of SONY MDSPC2 Service Manual

Complete service manual in digital format (PDF File). Service manuals usually contains circuit diagrams, printed circuit boards, repair tips, wiring diagrams, block diagrams and parts list. Service Manual ( sometimes called Repair Manual ) is used mainly by technicians.

If You just want to know how to use Your tv, video, mp3 player etc. You should look for Owner's Manual. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 25 (click to view)
Note: Mode which sets the adjustment results recorded in the non-volatile memory to the initial setting value. However the results of the temperature compensation offset adjustment will not change to the initial setting value. If initial setting is performed, perform all adjustments again excluding the temperature compensation offset adjustment. For details of the initial setting, refer to â5-4. Precautions on Adjustmentsâ and execute the initial setting before the adjustment as required. Setting Procedure : 1. Press the + button to display âADJ CLEARâ. 2. Press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button. âComplete!â will be displayed momentarily and initial setting will be executed, after which âADJ CLEARâ will be displayed.

Save the temperature data at that time in the non-volatile memory as 25 ËC reference data. Note : 1. Usually, do not perform this adjustment. 2. Perform this adjustment in an ambient temperature of 22 ËC to 28 ËC. Perform it immediately after the power is turned on when the internal temperature of the unit is the same as the ambient temperature of 22 ËC to 28 ËC. 3. When D101 has been replaced, perform this adjustment after the temperature of this part has become the ambient temperature. Adjusting Procedure : 1. Press the + button and display âTEMP ADJUSTâ. 2. Press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button and select the âTEMP ADJUSTâ mode. 3. âTEMP = [OK]â and the current temperature data will be displayed. 4. To save the data, press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button. When not saving the data, press the p âPROGRAMâ button. 5. When the ^ âPROGRAMâ button is pressed, âTEMP = SAVEâ will be displayed and turned back to âTEMP ADJUSTâ display then. When the p âPROGRAMâ button is pressed, âTEMP ADJUSTâ will be displayed immediatelly. Specified Value : The âTEMP = â should be within âE0 - EFâ, âF0 - FFâ, â00 0Fâ, â10 - 1Fâ and â20 - 2Fâ.

The IOP data can be recorded in the non-volatile memory. The IOP value on the label of the optical pickup and the IOP value after the adjustment will be recorded. Recording these data eliminates the need to read the label on the optical pick-up. Recording Procedure : 1. While pressing the INPUT button and p button, connect the power plug to the outlet, and release the INPUT button and p button. 2. Press the + button to display â[Service]â, and press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button. 3. Rotate the + button to display âIop.Writeâ, and press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button. 4. The display becomes Ref=@@@.@ (@ is an arbitrary number) and the numbers which can be changed will blink. 5. Input the IOP value written on the optical pick-up. To select the number : Press the = , + buttons. To select the digit : Press the r âPROGRAMâ knob 6. When the ^ âPROGRAMâ button is pressed, the display becomes âMeasu=@@@.@â (@ is an arbitrary number). 7. As the adjustment results are recorded for the 6 value. Leave it as it is and press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button. 8. âComplete!â will be displayed momentarily. The value will be recorded in the non-volatile memory and the display will become âIop Writeâ. Display Procedure : 1. Press the + button to display âIop.Readâ. 2. â@@.@/##.#â is displayed and the recorded contents are displayed. @@.@ indicates the Iop value labeled on the pick-up. ##.# indicates the Iop value after adjustment 3. To end, press the r âPROGRAMâ button or p âPROGRAMâ button to display âIop Readâ.

Check the IOP value of the optical pick-up before adjustments. (Refer to 5-8. Recording and Displaying IOP Information.) Connection :
Laser power meter

Optical pick-up objective lens Digital volt meter

BD board CN110 pin 5 (I+3V) CN110 pin 4 (IOP)

Adjusting Procedure : 1. Set the laser power meter on the objective lens of the optical pick-up. (When it cannot be set properly, press the = âPROGRAMâ button or + âPROGRAMâ button to move the optical pick-up.) Connect the digital volt meter to CN110 pin 5 (I+3V) and CN110 pin 4 (IOP). 2. Press the + button and display âLDPWR ADJUSTâ. (Laser power : For adjustment) 3. Press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button once and display âLD 0.9 mW $ â. 4. Press the = , + buttons so that the reading of the laser power meter becomes 0.85 to 0.91 mW. Press the ^ âPROGRAMâ button after setting the range knob of the laser power meter, and save the adjustment results. (âLD SAVE $ â will be displayed for a moment.) 5. Then âLD 7.0 mW $ â will be displayed.


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