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Owner's Manual

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Description of SONY ICFCD553RM Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)
Installing the Unit Under a Cabinet

Playing a CD
An 8 cm (3-inch) CD can be played without an adapter.

Playing the Radio
—Manual Tuning 1 Press RADIO ON/BAND to turn on the
“RADIO” appears in the display. The display shows the band and frequency for a few seconds and then changes back to the current time.

(See Fig. A)
The unit can be installed without the spacer.


Switching between monaural and stereo
The radio is set for stereo reception at the default setting. If FM stereo reception is poor, set to “FM MONO (monaural)”. Noise will be reduced although the sound will not be heard in stereo.

Operating the Cooking Timer (Countdown Timer)
The timer can be set at one minute intervals between 1–120.

Press Z CD OPEN/CLOSE and place a CD on the disc tray.


Mark the position of the 4 holes by using the supplied template. Use a drill to make the holes (size 6.5 mm dia., 9/ inch). (See 32 Fig. A- ) If the cabinet door overhangs the shelf and obstructs the unit, you can adjust the unit/ shelf height. First set the L mark to the dot which becomes the lowest position, then you can adjust the height in 4 steps (H••L) by turning the spacer counterclockwise. (See Fig. A- ) Install the unit with the supplied mounting screws. (See Fig. A)



Press RADIO ON/BAND repeatedly to select the desired band.
Each press changes the band as follows: AM FM1 FM2 WEATHER TV When using FM1 or FM2 preset mode, you may listen to the radio on either mode (See “Presetting Your Favourite Station”).

1 2 3

Press RADIO ON/BAND to turn on the radio. Press RADIO ON/BAND repeatedly to select FM 1 or FM 2. Press MODE.
“Mono(monaural)” or “ST(Stereo)” appears in the display. Each time you press MODE, the mode changes to either "Mono" or "ST".

Turn TIMER until the desired time appears in the display.
“TIMER” will appear in the display when TIMER is turned. After setting the time, the current time is displayed again if you do not perform any operation for more than 65 seconds.


2 3 4

Press Z CD OPEN/CLOSE to close the disc tray. Press CD u.
“NCD” and “TRACK 01” appear on the display to indicate that track 1 of the CD is playing. Press CD u CD u again . ** >** Hold down .** Hold down >** . repeatedly** > repeatedly** x OFF


Push TIMER once.
Timer indicator lights and beep sounds. While the timer is set, the display shows the remaining time.


TIMER indicator

AC power cord


Adjust volume using VOLUME + or –.

Use TUNE•TIME SET + or – to tune in to the desired station.
Two short beeps sound when the minimum frequency of each band is received during tuning.


Select Mono or ST.
The mode you select appears in the display for a few seconds and returns to the current time.

To display the current time, press CLOCK.

Cooking Timer ON—
When the time has elapsed, the buzzer will sound and the TIMER indicator flashes. Even if the CD or the radio is being played, the buzzer of the timer sounds together. While the buzzer sounds, the volume of the CD or the radio is decreased. The volume returns to the previous volume level when the buzzer stops.














The preset 3, VOLUME + and CD u buttons have a tactile dot.

Caution • Since the unit is very heavy, be careful when installing the unit. • Hold the unit horizontally when installing it, since the CD tray may open if the unit is shaken. • To reduce the risk of fire, do not place any heating or cooking appliance beneath this unit. • Install the unit so that its AC power cord can be connected directly to a wall outlet. Do not use a converter or extension cord. • Be sure that the AC power cord has no slack when using the unit, since the cord acts as an FM wire • The unit has a built-in ferrite bar antenna for AM radio reception. Check the condition of AM reception before fixing in position. antenna. If the AC power cord has someno slack. it up to the cord hook until the cord has slack, wind

Pause Resume play after pause Locate the beginning of the current track (AMS*) Locate the next track (AMS) Go back at high speed Go forward at high speed Locate the previous track (AMS) Locate the succeeding track (AMS) Stop play


Adjust volume using VOLUME + or –.

To check the station being received Press RADIO ON/BAND lightly. The display shows the band and frequency for a few seconds and then changes back to the current time.

Other Useful Functions
Press SOUND repeatedly to select the desired sound mode.
Each press changes the sound mode as follows:

To turn off the radio, press x OFF.

Cooking Timer OFF—
The buzzer is turned off automatically after 60 minutes and the display shows current time.








Improving the Reception
TV, WEATHER, FM: Extend the AC power cord fully to improve FM reception. AM: When installing the unit, rotate the unit horizontally for optimum reception and then install the unit. A ferrite bar antenna is built into the unit.


To Stop Cooking Timer
Press TIMER to turn off the buzzer.






To obtain vast sound The “MEGA Xpand” system produces a extensive sound. To obtain powerful bass sound The “MEGA BASS” system produces a powerful bass sound. Note “MEGA Xpand” is not effective in monaural.

To Deactive Cooking Timer
Press TIMER. The TIMER indicator goes off and the current time appears in the display. Note If a power failure occurs while the Cooking timer is operating. The remaining time becomes invalid.


Spacer L (Low) Dot

• Install the unit as far as possible from a source of noise (for example, refrigerator, microwave oven, fluorescent lamp, etc.).

* AMS = Automatic Music Sensor ** These operations are possible during both play and pause. About CD-Rs/CD-RWs This unit is compatible with CD-Rs/CD-RWs but playback capability may vary depending on the quality of the disc, the recording device and application software.

Setting the Clock


Presetting Your Favourite Station
—Preset Tuning
You can preset 10 stations in FM (5 stations in FM1, 5 stations in FM2) and 5 stations in each AM, TV, WEATHER.

Using the Digital Voice Memo
—Recording the Message 1
“REC” and “VOICE MEMO numbers” flash, “MESSAGE” light up in the display to indicate recording is active.

Installing the Batteries into the Remote Commander
(See Fig. B- )
Insert two size AAA (R03) batteries (not supplied). When to replace the batteries With normal use, the batteries should last for about six months. When the remote commander no longer operates the CD kitchen clock radio, replace all the batteries with new ones. Notes • Do not charge the dry batteries. • When you are not going to use the remote commander for a long time, remove the batteries to avoid any damage caused by leakage and corrosion.

1 2

Plug in the CD kitchen clock radio.
The display will flash “AM 12:00”.

Press CLOCK for a few seconds.
You will hear a beep and the hour will start to flash in the display.

Music discs encoded with copyright protection technologies
This product is designed to play back discs that conform to the Compact Disc (CD) standard. Recently, various music discs encoded with copyright protection technologies are marketed by some record companies. Please be aware that among those discs, there are some that do not conform to the CD standard and may not be playable by this product. To handle compact discs Correct Handle the disc by its edge.

Presetting a Station 1 2
Follow steps 1 to 4 in “Playing the Radio” and manually tune in to the station you wish to preset. Hold down the PRESET TUNING/ MESSAGE button you wish to preset for more than 2 seconds.
Example: Display window when you preset FM 90 MHz in the PRESET TUNING/MESSAGE button 2 for FM2.

3 4

Press TUNE•TIME SET + or – until the correct hour appears in the display. Press CLOCK once.
The minutes will flash.



Mounting screw


Repeat steps 3 and 4 to set the minutes.

After setting the minutes, press CLOCK to start the counting of the seconds, and you will hear two short beeps.

Press the PRESET TUNING/ MESSAGE button you wish to record. In this case, only the number you pushed flashes in the display. You will hear a beep, and you can record your message. Speak into the MIC while “ ” appears in the display (one will disappear every 3 seconds).

Using the Remote Commander
You can play the CD or radio using the remote commander. The effective range of the frequency emitted from the remote commander is approximately 5 m (16 ft.). Make sure to use the remote commander within this range. Use the remote commander in the right direction to the receiver of the unit. To Attenuate the volume Press MUTING While muting, “0” flashes on the display. To return to the previous volume level, press MUTING again. PRESET Each press of PRESET, you can select the preset number (1–5).

To set the current time quickly, hold down TUNE•TIME SET + or –. 12-hour system: “AM 12:00” = midnight In step 5, when you press CLOCK after the minute setting to activate the clock, the seconds start counting from zero.

Incorrect Do not touch the surface. Do not stick paper or tape nor write anything on the surface. Notes • Discs with non-standard shapes (e.g., heart, square, star) cannot be played on this unit. Attempting to do so may damage the unit. Do not use such discs. • If you press CD u when there is no disc in the CD compartment, “00” flashes for about 5 seconds on the display and the unit turns off automatically. • After 20 minutes, playback will be stop when you press CD u during play back.

The display shows the frequency for a few seconds and then changes back to the current time. To preset another station, repeat these steps. To change the preset station, tune in to the desired station and hold down the PRESET TUNING 1 to 5 button. The new station will replace the previous station on the PRESET TUNING button.


Press REC/STOP again to stop recording.
Or recording automatically stops after 12 seconds. (A beep will sound, the preset number and N will flash). You can confirm voice memo recording by pressing PLAY/STOP within 5 seconds.

Tuning in to a Preset Station 1 Press RADIO ON/BAND to turn on the 2 3 4
radio. Press RADIO ON/BAND to select the band. Press the desired PRESET TUNING/ MESSAGE button. Adjust the volume using VOLUME + or –.
After a few seconds, the display returns to the current time but the PRESET TUNING button number remains. Note Holding down the desired PRESET TUNING/ MESSAGE button for more than a few seconds in step 3 will replace the previous station on the PRESET TUNING/MESSAGE button with the station you tuned into. The volume can be adjusted by pressing VOL + or - during message playback. Press PLAY/STOP, you can stop playing the message. Notes • Only one message can be recorded and up to about 12 seconds. • After a message has been played, the preset number becomes permanently lit. • When a power failure is over one minute, the recording voice memo is deleted.

—Playing the Message 1 2
Press PLAY/STOP. Press the PRESET TUNING/ MESSAGE button, you want to listen to. You will hear a beep.
Select the preset number


Various Modes of CD Playback
You can play tracks repeatedly or in random order.

The command buttons on the remote commander are the same as the command buttons on the main unit as described below: The RADIO ON/BAND on the remote commander is the same as the RADIO ON/BAND on the main unit. The u on the remote commander is the same as the CD u on the main unit. The x OFF on the remote commander is the same as the x OFF on the main unit. The .and > on the remote commander are the same as the .and > on the main unit. However, you cannot use .and > as the TUNE•TIME SET + and –, when tuning the radio or setting the time. The VOL + and – on the remote commander are the same as the VOLUME + and – on the main unit.


Press MODE. Each press changes the play mode as follows: Display indication Play mode none (normal play) < All the tracks are played once. m “REP 1” (single repeat) A single track is played repeatedly. m “REP ALL” (all repeat) All the tracks are played repeatedly. m “SHUFFLE” (shuffle play) All the tracks are played once in random order. m “SHUFFLE REP”(shuffle repeat) All the tracks are played repeatedly in random order.

The VOL + and u buttons have a tactile dot. Size AAA (R03) × 2

Use of Magnet (See Fig. B- )
The magnet is attached on the back of the remote commander. You can put the remote commander on a iron board such as on a refrigerator. However, do not operate the remote commander while putting on the board. Note Do not place the remote commander near the magnetic cards.

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