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Owner's Manual

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Description of SONY CFDS200 Owner's Manual

Complete owner's manual in digital format. The manual will be available for download as PDF file after You purchase it.

Owner's Manual ( sometimes referred to as User's Guide or User's Manual ) contains information on how to use Your device. After placing order we'll send You download instructions on Your email address.

The manual is available in languages: English

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Text excerpt from page 2 (click to view)
Location of controls
Inserting a cassette
With the side you want to play facing you

Loading a CD

Remote Control

Playing a CD
1 2 3 4
Press CD (direct power-on). Load a CD in the CD compartment. Press Z PUSH OPEN/CLOSE to close the CD compartment. Press u. The player plays all the tracks once.
Press x u Press the button again to resume play after pause. > . Z PUSH OPEN/CLOSE a number button of the track. > (forward) or . (backward) while playing until you find the point. > (forward) or . (backward) in pause until you find the point.

Listening to the radio
Press RADIO BAND•AUTO PRESET until the band you want appears in the display (direct power-on). Each time you press the button, the indication changes as follows: “FM” t “AM”.

Playing a tape
1 2 3
Press TAPE (direct power-on). Press xZ to open the tape compartment and insert a recorded tape. Close the compartment. Use TYPE I (normal) tape only. Press n.
Press xZ m or M X Press the button again to resume play after pause. xZ




Hold down TUNE + or – until the frequency digits begin to change in the display. The player automatically scans the radio frequencies and stops when it finds a clear station. If you can't tune in a station, press the button repeatedly to change the frequency step by step.

With the labeled side up u* * POWER SLEEP ., > TUNE –, + x Z PUSH OPEN/CLOSE MEGA BASS VOL +*, – x u


To stop playback pause playback go to the next track go back to the previous track remove the CD locate a specific track directly*

To stop playback fast-forward or rewind the tape pause playback eject the cassette

.,> PRESET –, +

If the FM broadcast is noisy, press MODE until "Mono" appears in the display and the radio will play in monaural.

1 2
Press xZ to open the tape compartment and insert a blank tape. Use TYPE I (normal) tape only. Select the program source you want to record. To record from the CD player Press CD and insert a CD (See “Playing a CD”). To record from the radio Press RADIO BAND•AUTO PRESET and tune in the station you want (See “Listening to the radio”).


locate a point while listening to the sound locate a point while observing the display

Presetting radio stations
You can store radio stations into the player’s memory. You can preset up to 30 radio stations, 20 for FM and 10 for AM in any order.

* You cannot locate a specific track if "SHUF" or "PGM" is lit in the display. Turn off the indication by pressing x.

1 2 3

Press RADIO BAND•AUTO PRESET to select the band. Hold down RADIO BAND•AUTO PRESET for 2 seconds until “AUTO” flashes in the display. Press DISPLAY•ENT•MEMORY. The stations are stored in memory from the lower frequencies to the higher ones.

To locate a track numbered over 10, press >10 first, then the corresponding number buttons. Example:To play track number 23, press >10 first, then 2 and 3.

Using the display
To check the total track number and playing time
*The button has a tactile dot. Press DISPLAY•ENT•MEMORY in stop mode (see fig. D).

If a station cannot be preset automatically
You need to preset a station with a weak signal manually. 1 Press RADIO BAND•AUTO PRESET to select the band. 2 Tune in a station you want. 3 Hold down the number buttons that you want to preset the new station on for about 2 seconds. To select the preset number over 10, press >10 first, then the corresponding number buttons. You need to hold down the last number button to enter for about 2 seconds. (Example: To select 12, press >10 and 1 first, then hold down 2 for about 2 seconds.)


Press z to start recording. (n is depressed automatically.)
Press xZ X Press the button again to resume recording.

To stop recording pause recording Tips

To check the remaining time
Display OPR/BATT Number buttons MODE DISPLAY ENT MEMORY Press DISPLAY•ENT•MEMORY repeatedly while playing a CD. The display changes as follows: t the current track number and playing time r the current track number and the remaining time on the current track* r the number of tracks left and remaining time on the CD Total track number Total playing time
* For a track whose number is more than 20, the remaining time appears as “- -:- -” in the display.

Remote sensor

Playing preset radio stations 1 2
Press RADIO BAND•AUTO PRESET to select the band. Press the number buttons to tune in the stored station. To tune in a preset station over 10, press >10 first, then corresponding number buttons. (Example: To tune in a preset station 12, press >10 and 1 first, and then press 2.)

• Adjusting the volume or the audio emphasis will not affect the recording level. • If the AM program makes a whistling sound after you've pressed z in step 3, press MODE to select the position of ISS (Interference Suppress Switch) that most decreases the noise. • For the best results, use the AC power as a power source for recording. • To erase a recording, proceed as follows: 1 Insert a tape with the recording you want to erase. 2 Press TAPE. 3 Press z.




Programmed track

Playing order

Selecting the play mode
To turn on/off the power
Press POWER.

Falling asleep to music
1 Play the music source you want. 2 Press SLEEP to display “SLEEP.” 3 Press SLEEP to select the minutes until the player goes off automatically. Each time you press the button, the indication changes as follows: “60” t “90” t “120” t “OFF” t “10” t “20” t “30”.

Press MODE until “REP 1” “REP ALL” “SHUF” “SHUF REP” “PGM” “PGM REP” appears in the display. Then proceed as follows: To repeat a single track repeat all tracks shuffle play repeat tracks in random order program play Select “REP 1” “REP ALL” “SHUF” “SHUF REP” “PGM” Then do this Press the number button for the track you want to repeat. Press u. Press u. Press u. Press the number buttons for the tracks you want to program in the order you want up to 20 tracks (see fig. E). Then press u. repeat programmed tracks “PGM REP” Press the number buttons for the tracks you want to program in the order you want up to 20 tracks. Then Press u.

1 Press BAND. 2 Press PRESET + or – to tune in the stored station.

On the remote

To adjust the volume
Press VOL +, –.

To listen through headphones
Connect the headphones to the i (headphones) jack.

To cancel the sleep function

Adjusting the sound emphasis
To reinforce the bass sound
Press MEGA BASS. “MEGA BASS” appears in the display. To return to normal sound, press the button again.

Press POWER to turn off the power. Note
When you are playing a tape using this function: If the tape length of one side is longer than the set time, the player will not go off until the tape reaches the end.

To cancel selected play mode
Press MODE until the selected mode disappears from the display.

To check the programmed track and playing order in the display
To check the order of tracks before play, press DISPLAY•ENT•MEMORY. Every time you press the button, the track number appears in the programmed order.

To change the current program
Press x once if the CD is stopped and twice if the CD is playing. The current program will be erased. Then create a new program following the programming procedure. Tip
You can record your own program. After you’ve created the program, insert a blank tape and press z to start recording.

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